DX-29 Hydra Assault Ship
Created byDragon Inc.
Used byDravonians
UsageWar and millitairy missions
ArmamentAG-MFM 332 Missiles, Firestorm Sentry Guns and 31-AW Gas Grenades
Size43.5 meters long

33.7 meters wide

11.22 meters high
Speed195 km/h
First apearenceDravonian
The DX-29 Assault Ship  is a large battleship that often has the lead in a war.



A Hydra is controlled by a few people. In linkerkop the Hydra is the pilot, and in the rechterkop is a person who does a lot of things with the weapons. If you leave the cockpit, there are two places left and right. Here are people who arrange everything with the vehicle.