AT-99 Salamander Gunship
Created byDragon Inc.
Used byDravonians
UsageAir battles and protecting
ArmamentAG-MFM 332 Missiles and four 50. Caliber Rifles
Size14.2 meters long

10.73 meters wide

5.51 meters high
Speed371 km/h
First apearenceDravonian
The AT-99 Gunship Salamander is a fast and powerful gunship. The Salamander is the most famous of all vehicles in Dravonian.



The AT-99 Salamander is controlled by a pilot. The pilot must coordinate what is happening to and around the aircraft, fire control and weapons, operate communication and navigation.


The Salamander is used in wars against enemy nations. The Salamander is also used to destroy. A base of an enemy nation Salamanders have another function: they can shoot down enemy drones. Salamanders are convenient vehicles because they can hover. Dissociated This they can not stop other vehicles that shoot, like fighter jets. In a flight A Salamander can get 371 km per hour.

Weapons / ArmamentEdit

The Salamander is equipped with AG-MFM 332 missiles and four 50. caliber rifles. The helicopters lack the basic load-bearing capacity and side door guns of the Shark, but more than compensate with superior frontal firepower, while not lacking in the Sharks impressive speed, agility and maneuverability.


  • Salamander is in many cases the films Dravonian.
  • This vehicle is named after the salamander. Perhaps the Salamander Gunship then mentions because he is so fast.